Mathis Grey’s “The 7th Heart” tour went great!!

I just want to thank all the places I played and all the people I got to meet on my journey!! I had a great time and I can’t wait till spring for the next tour I’ll be on in 2015. Thanks everyone for your support. -Mathis Grey-


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“Two Steps From The Road” turns 3 years old this month and still going strong!!

My “Two Steps From The Road” album turns three years old this month and it’s still doing amazing. Last year my song “Shame” from the album was played on a episode of E!News Daily and my song “Daydreams” was played on a episode of the soap opera “One Life To Live” and that’s awesome!! Grab the cd for only $5 on Bandcamp…click the link below and download it today. Thanks for your support everyone, I really appreciate it!


Mathis Grey’s “Two Steps From The Road” album

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My Fairport Harbor Show went awesome next stop Two EE’s Winery!!

My Discover Fairport Harbor Show in Fairport Harbor Ohio went awesome and I wanna thank everyone who came out and had a good time!!


Next stop is August 8th at Two EE’s Winery in Huntington, IN at 6:30pm…see you there!!

“Two Steps From The Road” is almost 3 years old and it’s still doing awesome!!

My album “Two Steps From The Road” is almost at it’s three year anniversary in August and it’s still doing great!! Grab your digital copy today at Bandcamp for only $5!!

So the BMI music numbers came back the other day for the forth quarter from last year and the episode of “One Life To Live” that my song “Daydreams” was on, was watched 579,008 plus times on Hulu and it was played in Canada & Mexico!! That’s pretty awesome, just want to say thanks to everyone for your support…still on that “Mission For Greatness” 2014 style!!

Next show is July 24th 2014 in Fairport Harbor Ohio at 6pm…for more details check out my events on my Facebook page!!


More great news for Mathis Grey in 2014!!!

Well the BMI 4th quarter numbers are out from last year and I have some awesome news. “Daydreams” my song off my “Two Steps From The Road” album was on the show “One Life To Live” last year and that’s awesome. Yet the really cool thing is that episode it was on, was watch over 500,000 plus times on Hulu and played in Canada &Mexico. I’m really happy and I just want to thank everyone for their support. Great things coming and I can’t wait to share them with everyone. -Mathis Grey-



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New music from Mathis Grey..acoustic version of “Country Skies” performed live on NPR 89.1 “Meet The Music!”

Mathis Grey’s New song called “Country Skies” was played live on NPR 89.1 “Meet The Music” on 5/26/14 by Mathis Grey and here’s your chance to listen to it. Mathis has a lot of new songs written and ready to be recorded soon. Stay tuned in for more new music and don’t forget to grab all his already released tunes from his single “Starfire” to his uplifting single “Lights”…..they’re all great and ready for you on iTunes today!!


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