Mathis Grey gets more national TV time with one of his songs and that’s pretty cool!!!

This might be old news but the 3rd quarter BMI Royalty reports have come out from 2013 and Mathis Grey just found out that his song “Daydreams” from his “Two Steps From The Road” album was played on the Soap Opera “One Life To Live” May 2013 and that’s pretty awesome!




Mathis Grey’s “Starfire” single is getting more attention!!!

My single “Starfire” is picking up speed and getting a lot of plays and downloads….that is pretty awesome!! If you haven’t grabbed the single, head to iTunes, Amazon or GooglePlay and grab it for only $1. New music video is in the works for this song and I’m pretty excited. Thanks for all your support everyone…I couldn’t do it without ya. “The Only Way Up Is The One We Make” -Mathis Grey-

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Whammy awards this Thursday and planning 2 tours!!!

Whammy awards this Thursday! Working on a mini tour for this summer and a big tour towards the end of the year. If there is somewhere you think I should come play near you, let me know and I will see what I can do.
-Mathis Grey-

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New radio play for Mathis Grey in the U.k. coming soon!

Just found out I get some of my tunes put into the rotation at North Highland Radio and Cuillin FM for February – March 2014 in Alness, Highland, UK…pretty cool.


Mathis Grey live at the “Lifting the Darkness” Fundraiser Feb 5th 2014!


We are very excited to announce that Mathis Grey will perform at our “Lifting the Darkness” Fundraiser!


Mathis Grey is an accomplished local Singer/Songwriter who is no stranger to the music world.  Mathis has traveled all over the United States doing shows from New York to Seattle and all the awesome stops in between. His style is a Folk-Rock style with a little bit of soul sprinkled in.  His unique style of vocals and his guitar playing create a definite coffee house feel allowing the audience to immerse themselves in his music in real time. His music is smooth, yet rugged – heavy, yet weightless….this is Mathis Grey.


Listen to the appropriately titled, “Lights”, and make sure you visit Wunderkammer Company on February 5 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm for “Lifting the Darkness: an OBRFW Fundraiser”!


Mathis Grey live at the Mocha Lounge in Fort Wayne IN this Friday Jan 17th at 7pm!!!

Catch Mathis Grey this Friday in his hometown Fort Wayne IN at the Mocha Lounge at 7pm. Click the link below for more details…it’s gonna be a awesome show!!

Mathis Grey back in NYC next month!!

Back to NYC next month for 2….maybe 3 shows and I’m pretty excited. Check out this version of “Royal” off my “Handsome Mysteries” album I did live at the Rockwood last time I was in NYC.

Mathis Grey live at Rockwood Music Hall

Check out Mathis Grey’s video “Lights” and grab the single on iTunes today!!

Mathis Grey’s music video “Lights” is still getting a lot of great reviews and still going strong. Check out the video and grab the single on iTunes today!!

Have a Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Have a safe and Happy Holidays from me to you!! 2014 is gonna be a awesome year and I can’t wait to get it started. -Mathis Grey-

Grab Mathis Grey’s single “Starfire” on iTunes or Google Play today!!

Pick it up today!! “Starfire” is doing awesome, getting heard from New York to the West Coast and even getting some plays in a lot of other places around the world….pick up your digital copy today on iTunes or Google Play for only $1!! The Only Way Up Is The One We Make -Mathis Grey-


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