Check out Mathis Grey’s latest LivingRoom Sessions 2015 song “Brace Me” today!

Listen to my latest LivingRoom Sessions 2015 song called “Brace Me”….check it out and let me know what you think. Just me, my guitar, a mic and my lyrics. Hope you enjoy!! -Mathis Grey-

May 2015 tour UPDATE!!

Cities for Mathis Grey and Patrick Woods May 2015 Tour:

May1st Cleveland,OH
May2nd Pittsburgh,PA
May3rd Buffalo,NY
May4th Boston,MA
May5th New York,NY-Booked-
May6th Norfolk, VA-Booked-
May7th Charlotte,NC -Booked-
May8th Washington, D.C. -Booked-
May9th Harrisburg,PA -Booked-
May10th Philadelphia, PA

More to book but we’re talking with some cool places that we can’t wait to share with everyone!


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More shows being added to the May 2015 tour!

Patrick Woods and I are adding more cool places to the tour and well keep you updated every step of the way. Thanks for your support everyone!!


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Grab my single “Starfire” today!!

Grab my song “Starfire” today on Bandcamp!!

Starfire 3

The numbers are still rising and I thank you!

Awhile back I had one of my songs “Daydreams” played on the soap opera “One Life To Live.” And even though the show no longer airs on tv, they still are on Hulu and people are still checking out the episodes. The episode my song was on has already been watch 610,000+ times and that is so awesome. Thanks everyone for watching…you rock!!


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Mathis Grey’s new 2015 album will be called “Loud and Clear” and will be pretty amazing!

My new album will be titled…”Loud and Clear” and will be out toward the late spring or early summer time 2015!!


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Grab Mathis Grey’s song “Charleston” for free on Bandcamp!

Grab my track “Charleston” for free on Bandcamp. First 200 people can grab my song for free, so don’t wait..go and download it today! Follow the link below.




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Mathis Grey is working on a new album for 2015!

Hey everyone! I have new music written and ready to be recorded. Hope to have a few tunes fully recorded and ready to be purchased by our tour in May. Stay tuned in cause I will have updates in between that time also maybe some early sneak listens to some of the tracks. Great things coming….thanks for your support everyone!!


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Mathis Grey just wants to say thanks for your support in 2014!!

Just want to thank everyone for your support all this year. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of new people and I’ve gotten to play a lot of new places. Tons of great things happened in 2014, from getting music on the radio, to having radio interviews from L.A. to Italy,  a great east coast tour and tons of other great stuff. There are tons more things I wanna do and tons more places I wanna play and I know with your support I can get there. I hope everyone’s New Years is a safe and happy one and I hope to see ya at a show in 2015. Great things are on the way. Thanks again everyone…you’re amazing!


Mathis Grey’s live tonight at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne IN!!

Catch me live tonight at 9pm at The Brass Rail in my hometown Fort Wayne IN. I’ll be sharing the stage with the Michael Martin Band. Gonna be a great show…see ya there!



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